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Ghana and India Tech Festival

The Ghana-India Technology Festival is an initiative of the Ghana Digital Centres Limited with support from the Indian High Commission.
The Ghana - India Technology Festival (GITF) will be an annual event that will take place in both nations. The festival will bring innovators from Ghana and India together, as well as connect tech start-ups and investors.
The Tech Festival is aimed at provide an opportunity for tech start ups and innovators in both nations to improve on their innovations and exchange technology ideas to stimulate digital transformation and create digital jobs whilst strengthening the bi-lateral relationship between the two countries.


The following are the objectives of the Ghana-India Tech Festival:

  • To facilitate the creation of digital jobs and skills in Ghana and India.
  • To create a community of innovators and tech businesses to share ecosystem best practices and explore opportunities in both countries.
  • To facilitate market access for technology solutions from Ghana and India.
  • To match tech start ups in Ghana and India for mentorship and capacity building.


Exhibitions would be part of the proposed tech festival. The exhibition would provide an opportunity for innovative items to be showcased to investors. Both countries would take advantage of the opportunity to show off what they have and persuade investors to buy or invest in their product development. The exhibition will assist Ghanaian entrepreneurs in showcasing their products to Indian investors and vice versa.


Innovators and companies in the digital arena from both nations will have the opportunity to present a short pitch to an audience about their ideas and initiatives, followed by casual interactions with mentors, investors, researchers, and digital professionals. The pitch event will focus on digital startups from both countries' incubator environments.
Startups will be able to showcase their products at a modest booth and network with possible mentors, investors, and domain experts. Pitching will assist both sides in developing a strong business relationship and outlining a business concept.


A hackathon is a design sprint-style tech event in which tech talents developers from both countries, including graphic designers, interface designers, and project managers, are given a project and a deadline to complete. The winners will be determined by who finishes first.
The hackathon serves as a timed challenge, and any team that beats the deadline will receive good results. It also serves as a showcase for future career chances by ranking hackathon participants based on their performance.
Hackathons will discover, develop, and keep talent to enable innovators to achieve their full potential.